Friday, September 9, 2011


What do you get when you mix girl friends and great food? Real talk. Great fun. Laughter that could fuel a steam engine.
I got giddy when my two dear friends Brielle and Caroline came over the other night to spend some much needed time. You must understand that these are no ordinary friendships. Rather than shallow chatter or derogatory drudgery, our conversations are full of dreams. Dreams which status stand currently as "what if's ", however, there is a collective silent understanding that they will become "what is's". Don't get me wrong, boys, trends, and hair are all innocently intertwined. :)
We went on a slightly directionally confused walk, and decided we are officially maturing. Not too long ago a "walk" was not on the top of my "to do" list with friends. But now, as long as we get to share our hearts it doesn't matter what we do. Afterwards, we had a BYO omelet party, and Grilled Bacon Peaches. The loaded omelets were good, but the peaches were an unexpected delight! For the recipe from Health-Bent click here.
So here's a tribute to my special girl friends and great food! Brielle thank you for your gentle fierceness, it stirs me to continue dreaming. Caroline, thank you for encouraging me to live a life of Grace, and laughing at my jokes. Words cannot express my heart's delight that I get to do life with you both!


Brielle,Caroline, and I