Monday, June 28, 2010

From the Inside Out

lovely |ˈləvlē|
adjective ( -lier , -liest )
exquisitely beautiful : you have lovely eyes | lovely views.
informal very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful : we've had a lovely day |she's a lovely person.
Today my sister Cassidy and I spent the day just goofing around doing girly things. She biked while I ran, then we listened to a message together online. The Pastor Steven Furtick reminded us that God created each of us with incredible intention. That He literally knit us together in our mother's tummy. From the inside out. He said a brilliant line that stood out like a salsa dancing eskimo.
You cannot cover insecurity on the inside with your appearance on the outside."

Since we were literally created "insides" first, it should be our priority. 'Cause if your insides aint lookin' good, your outside sure aint gonna look much better. For long. That is the secret to beauty my friends. (Or security for you feller's.)
Today the word lovely is on my mind. So I took some pictures of my lovely sister as we were perusing out on the town.
Enjoy :)

$3 challenge
go to a garage sale or a thrift shop and find a lovely treasure

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Neon Carrot

Someone recently asked me how I have been effected from different experiences out of the country to impoverished places. It didn't take me long to blurt out a confident spew of how. One thing I'm not, is guilty or apologetic for what I have here in the states. It's okay that we have comfy beds to sleep on and toothpaste coming out of our ears alongside clean water to brush. Now am I suggesting that we take them for granted? Don't be so naive. There's no need to mention the nuts-zo stats like, 24,000 children die everyday mostly due to malnutrition and disease, or that 80% of the world's population lives on less than 10 dollars a day, or that nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to write their name. Because we don't care. Our oil needs to be changed and our hair needs a trim. Day to day "necessities" fire at us like an unexpected bomb squad and the reality of these stats seem to fade into white noise.
Don't stop reading...hope ahead!!
In a quick conclusion I'm not going to ask you to donate 50 dollars a month to a worthy organization (but I won't stop you either.) I'm not going to ask you to go on a trip somewhere far overseas (but I won't stop you either.) And I'm not going to ask you to eat only rice and beans for the next five years ( you couldn't do it if you tried.) What I am going to do is share with you a few secrets of my travels and experiences that I am so honored to have been apart of. Maybe inspire you to get muddy...
1.) Joy
There is no excuse to not have joy.
In Haiti we played with these beautiful children in a village. They were wearing only shirts. They couldn't count on a next meal. They had no TV or MAC. They slept on the dirt. But they had genuine smiles that would put the Orbit girl to shame.
2.) Contentment and Peace
In a little town in the remote mountains of itchiuayan , Mexico, there is no buzz of the radio, or closed doors. People live to be older because of simplicity;lifestyle and food. Give the kids an old ball and a duck. Pure contentment. Stress free.
3.) Prayer Works
Now if you don't believe in God...I still want to be your friend. I however do, and when you are in an unsafe place seeing unusual things, I had to rely on God for physical and emotional strength. We prayed for blind people-they saw. We prayed for stomachs-healed. We prayed for lame legs- we saw them walk. Prayer works.
That's a longer answer than I wanted. Take it or leave it. These next few photos are from a weekend in Duluth,MN. A favorite vacation spot for me and the fam. Right by Lake Superior it's gorgeous! You don't need to spend any money to have the best time of your life. There's honestly nothing I would've rather been doing than hanging out with amazing people in a lovely place. Simple neon carrot. It's a crayola crayon color introduced in 1990 (the year I was born.) This color has nothing to do with anything besides the fact it makes me laugh. A simple yet over rated joy.

If these colors don't scream summer...I don't know what does.

My brother Kody is obsessed with sewing. He is incredible with making all sorts of packs. We got a private tour with world renown 'Duluth Pack' to see how it's done. Their USA hand made, and have a lifetime guarantee. Kody was in the zone.

It's not just the angle making his legs look 10 feet long. He's ginormous.

Let m introduce you to our new kitty Charlie. (Me and Kody hate that name because it makes you think of that dum little kid with the bit finger, so we call him Mogley.) Mogley is too small to stay home alone so he tagged along. He just chilled like the coolest dog would. Minimal meowing. He went on walks with us, and never pottied in the car. We raise the best animals.

Simple beauty.
These souvenirs my mom were holding were 100% free. They are a simple joy. Just like the color neon carrot.

3 pointers on how to handle people:
1.) Don't criticize,condemn, or complain
2.) Give honest and sincere appreciation
3.)Amuse in others an eager want

tidBITE (How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie)
World Facts

Friday, June 18, 2010

Queen Mary

<---Notice cool gift idea?!

I have decided to do random "Muddy Boot Tribute" posts. These worthy faces are people, who if wearing boots, would be filthy. People who know how to live. People who know what's up.

I would like to dedicate the first official MBT (Muddy Boots Tribue) to my rockstar Mother.
She recently turned the big 5-0, but in her mind she might as well have turned 25. I aspire to live like her. There's no one who could set a better example for me. In honor of her and all her awesomeness, my aunties,cousins,my sister Cassidy and I crowned her "Queen Mary" for the day...throne and all.

The day started in downtown anoka searching for buried treasure. It's called antiquing for those of you who are inexperienced. And I suggest you give it a go. Old is the new cool.

lI have three incredible aunties on my mom's side. They were the masterminds behind this day. Those feet you see there have tread much ground,sewn much seed,run many miles, and have stood their ground for the truth!WAY too cool for school.

The day was filled with joy. I just can't explain to you the fullness that was felt being together. It was like microwaving a bunch of marshmallows. It just oozed goodness. But it was perfect because when you're around my mom everything's okay. You believe anything is possible. Even when you're broke and the future is as clear as grey sky. Goodness still oozes, and you can't get rid of it.

My mom has this new feddish with serving dishes. Catsup bottles,mustard bottles, syrup dispensers. When you open the refrigerator is like a 'gal darn pottery barn. IN THE FRIDGE. But hey. It's classy!

After shopping we made our way to the park. Oh, by the way. The weather couldn't of been more perfect. The soft breeze,the warm sun, the broken shade through the towering trees. It complimented our blankets and bubbly quite nicely. The girls and I had a special time of sharing. We each gave her "tokens" of things that reminded us of her.

We kept the kleenexs handy.

My mom is the epitome of a servant. All you young ladies out there in need of a mentor. Give my mom a ring. Seriously. And for you fellas...she makes a heck of a meal. My mom's usually the one planning and blessing. It was so neat watching her being lavished on. Being queen must be nice.

My Aunt Pat made the chair and gave my mom a cute little chair to wear as a memento.
I have the best family. I'm sure yours is great too. To add the the bestness...if creative was a plant,my Aunt Pat grows creative in her back yard. She practically came up with the word creative. You should give her 10 cents every time you SAY creative. Her ideas are so out of the box,simple,and affordable. Hopefully her blog is coming soon.Then the magazine,then T.V. show ect. etc. If you're looking for planning/gift/decorating ideas give HER a ring.

Watch out when you get these four together. Extreme boughts of laughter are always on the brink. It's a good time all around.

(Aunt Pat)

Here is me with the one the only... Queen Mary. She is the queen of mothers, queen of faith,queen of fun,queen of cuteness,queen of encouragment,queen of wisdom,queen of health,my mom is my hero. My mom is Queen!

1.)Hug your mom today or write her a note. (And if you just rolled your eyes, that's a dozen roses too!)
2.) Gift idea inspired by Auntie Pat:
You can give a playing card as a gift! Choose a queen,king,or Jack (if that certain someone is a handful), and frame it or place it in a card holder. Can you say unique? Can you say cheap!?

Thanks Auntie Pat.

Happy 25th (50th) Birthday momma!