Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Literally Living

I'm currently living in Birmingham,Alabama. It's the third month at the ministry school im attending here(Twentyfourseven Ministry School). It just dawned on me how many awesome opportunities I've gotten. And I'm wondering... Is this normal? Is it normal to regularly travel the country, and anually travel the world? Is it normal to absolutly love what you do while being fulfilled by it? Is it normal being surrounded by such great friends who are always thinking of how to better themselves and others around them?

It's like I'm literally living. Literally doing the things I was created to do.

Anyhow, it is my goal to document some of the opportunities throughout the rest of my year here. There is just so much I'm learning right now, in my heart and my head...I'm about to burst. Bear with me as I upload some thoughts. Hopefully it will download into you :)

This is a few pictures from Atlanta last weekend. I went with my friend Seth,a crazy brilliant, and creative bearded artist along with Adam, a music guru up for anything . The drive was a veiw painted with brilliant fall colors and leaves dancing in the road, the smell of pumpkin spice lattes,and eclectically chill music serenading our ears. It turned out to be a pleasantly warm day downtown Atlanta, and after a good hunt through Ikea, and H&M (a perfect shopping pair) we spend it walking through Peidmont park snapping pictures like professionals and watching all sorts of interesting people. The day couldn't of been better. It was topped off by a glorious myriad of colors in the sun setting sky.

"But I trust in your unfailing love;my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me."
Ps. 13:5-6

I hope today you think of one thing that burns within your heart. What makes you cry? Change it. What makes you hurt? Fix it. What makes others laugh? Do it. God will joyfully give you what you need, without holding back.

Dreaming Big,


Friday, August 20, 2010

Child Like

It's been about a month since my last post. If I were to know then, where I am right now, I would of shrugged you off like a bad hair day. Looking back I must have underestimated God's plan. In a month's time I have seen a numb heart bubble into a wellspring of life and hope. I have seen an empty bank account grow into more than enough. I've seen someone's average life turn a 180 to expectation and excitement for the future. I have witnessed the perfect people coming into my life at the perfect time.
Some of these things I have been trusting for a long time. AND ALL IN A MONTH! One of my good friends told me today..."and there's more." When we think things are good...there's more. God's Will, which simply means His perfect plan, is perfect,pleasing,good, and more than you could ever imagine. His plans always take different shapes.

Excuse me for getting ahead of myself, let me quickly explain a few details. Last year I attended a Leadership Internship in Birmingham,AL after quitting my job as a hair stylist in Minnesota. I had a life changing year, but wasn't positive I was up for a second year in the South. Not until a month ago when I realized it was the correct "next step." It sounds easy right? False. Have you ever presented a plan for the future to your parents or close friends that sounds illogical, but your heart knows it's right? Have you ever not had the resources to do what seems to be the right thing to do? Bingo! That's basically how it went down. That's where the faith part came in...major. That's where the "getting on my knees" part came in...major. That's where the testing, "is really God or not" part came in...you get the point. So I opened my hands to let HIM show me the way.
Long story short-I am sitting in a Starbucks in Birmingham bobbing my head to some jams, more expectant than ever, and totally stoked to be alive. This was God's plan for me to be here, for now. I used to have a big lack of concern for living a life for HIM. That life is comparative to plain vanilla ice cream, however I've moved on to a banana splits with lots of whipped cream,sprinkles,chocolate,peanuts,carmel,cookies, and ten cherries on top. I feel like a little kid.
When I feel like. Do I have the heart of a child? Am I slipping into religion, or do I have the simple yet powerful faith of a child. Am I getting wrapped up in my own ideas and forget to rejoice with others? That ties into my faith as well. When I pray am I expecting for him to answer me? OF course HE desires to help me, and bless HIS kids. I want to be excited to spend time with Jesus, just like I got excited when I was a little girl hanging out with my daddy.
Gosh, my heart is chalk full right now. You need to know that your heart can be chalk full too. Prayer stinkin' works. We don't always get the answers overnight. But we are supposed to never give up. DO NOT give up on your cruddy circumstance right now. DO NOT give up on that family member who doesn't seem to get it. DO NOT give up on your hurting friend. Life's better when it's viewed through a lens of a child. Just remember...
Banana splits.

Let's be child like.


"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

matthew 18:3

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Soft Collection

Something about soft photographs draw people in. They are peaceful and pretty. The locations range from Minneapolis to Duluth MN. Most of them have a high exposure and medium shutter speeds.

Peace :)

There are no rules in photography. Do your pictures look to bright? Too dark? It's okay, you need to think of a way to enhance the mistake...


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Real Simple?


You've seen the magazine...Real Simple.It's full of good ideas for the home and is targeted for women. ANYWAYS... they make life seem so flawlessly simple. Which is smart on their side because if they promoted cluttery messes and ugly ideas, they would go bankrupt. But life is not Real Simple. They should change their name to 'Real Pain in the Rear.' Let me explain:
If your heart is beating, you have passions. If you're human, you have dreams. Probably too many in reality- or maybe not? But there's the old "not enough time" excuse. It can be a real pain trying to find an efficiant balance!
I have dreams bigger than what my puny little hands could ever accomplish. Lots of them. And I plan on them being fulfilled, maybe not even in my lifetime...but with the life (the time) that we do have, why not work towards them?
After all, they are passions remember? Passions don't shove deadlines in your face. Passions don't wear you out. Passions won't fire you. A passions is something you think about all day, even after a long day of who knows what, there always seems to be just a few extra minutes for ______.
Facebook doesn't count.
After pondering this, it sort of boiled down like a pot roast for me.
Big goals are accomplished only when we first complete a billion little goals...CHOICES!
There ya go folks.
I truley believe that if we make time work for us and not work for time, we can accomplish crazy,nutsy,wild things. It can literally start from avoiding facebook for a week to focus on a passion during that time. For me it's blogging,taking pictures,hangin' out with younger girls,and learning about world changing people.
Side Note:
FB is seriously a drug. There is some weird addictive chemical laced in the alluring white and blue template I just know it...
Anyhow I'm going to borrow a lesson from the Great Chris Hodges from Church of the Highlands in Birmingham,AL on how to manage time!!

The Delicious 'Make Dreams Happen' Recipe (no grocery store run)
1) Understand you mission,purpose,dreams
2) Identify Current roles
-What is required of you now?
3) Define for yourself most important activities
ie: school,relationships,work,church,working out
4) Plan life around 1,2 & 3!
Schedule time for the big focuses and everything less important (but still fun) will fall into place.

What if I told you that it wasn't the amount of things that we do, but the order that we do them? Maybe the big wigs at Real Simple got it after all...

relax, it can happen.

Let me share with you a few moments of one of my passions. Pictures.
Please comment some of yours!

Passion Assessment.
People- Who are you most interested in?
Actions- What do you like to do the most?
Strength- When you are doing____ you feel strongest.
Serving- How can you help someone soley for their benefit?
Interests- What noble activity interests you?
Opportunity- Where do you have an opportunity?
Nostalgia- When in your life do you feel most fulfilled?


Borrowed from material from Church of the Highlands

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Lovin'

What's more fun than a local farmer's market?
Don't you get all sarcastic with me now...there may be a feeeww things a bit more fun. But you can't beat the vibrant colors, the friendly people, the fresh food, and the satisfaction of knowing you are being eco friendly.
It was a perfect summer morning. And I was with a perfect companion. My Mom and I went to the farmer's market.
Thank you Lord for summer. Maybe this year you could grace your northern friends with a few extra months??? Just a thought.

Enjoy the fresh,crisp,juicy,colors...

Good ol' downtown White Bear Lake.
Some hard working hands.

Some friendly farmers.
Oh my goodness can you believe that color??

Baby's Breath Flowers...love.

Lunch from some fresh veggies!


My Grandma's recipe pictured above...

3-4 sweet onions
8 small zucchinis
4 medium tomatoes
(get them at your farmer's market for an optimum tasting experience :)

sauté onions and zucchinis together until soft with a dash of olive oil and fresh garlic, add tomatoes last. Crumb feta cheese or parmesan to taste. Serve over brown rice.
Serves 3-4.