Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lollipops & Umbrellas {a photoshoot}

I had the privilege of working with the lovely Allison and Greg along with their three smiley kids, Gunnar,Wyatt, and Maren. They were wonderful sports as we pranced from boulder to boulder in the heat of late afternoon. We met at a photographer's dream location, Tamarack Nature Center in White Bear Lake. Newly remodeled gardens and stone formations...there were garden tools scattered just waiting or their modeling debut.
These are more pictures than I usually post, however I was in a mood to splurge and share with you some simple beauty. May it inspire you to do something sweet.
Thank you Allison and Greg for allowing me to spend time with your family. Next time I will remember to bring some portable fans!

Sister love.


What a catch!

Mother and daughter.
This could be Colorado!
Praising the Lord!

Boys will be boys...

The color of the lollipop and hair are frightening similar.

Pretty color palette, sea green and red-pink.

Got 'em.

A proud mother's moment.

Cheers to lollipops, umbrellas, and smiley families!

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