Thursday, August 4, 2011

Miller Family {Uptown Edition}

I was pleasantly surprised when Hannah and her brothers called me to spend the afternoon photographing them for a birthday surprise for their mother. (Awww...) Of course, Hannah was the instigator of the whole shindig, but her brothers Tony and Jake were great sports. We met at Jake's house in Uptown and we ventured close by to all sorts of little nooks and crannies so readily available in the city. Despite constantly wiping the sweat from our brows, and dodging sun when possible, it was a wonderful afternoon! (Ending with Sebastian Joe's ice cream helped a little too ;)
I so enjoyed my time with the studly Miller clan. I'm telling you, these people could easily rock the modeling world with their suave looks and cool style.
Thank you Miller's for spending time on the other side of my lens! Your momma will be so proud :)


Hannah you're such a grill head.
This about sums up the sibling dynamics.

Love for the momma.
Notice the sweat rag Jake cleverly brought along :)
Thank you unsuspecting citizen for letting us use your scooter for a prop...
Hannah you are beautiful.

Athletic all around to say the least.
A little lift never hurt anything.

Good catch!

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